Guillermo Sierra | Edye TV- HITN - Head of Television and Digital Services

Throughout an extensive 30-year career, Guillermo Sierra has designed, developed, branded and launched and managed Free and Pay TV channels in multiple territories in the United States, Europe and Latin America for some of the biggest brands in the industry. Since 2012, Guillermo has been applying his broadcast, marketing and international consumer services experience, in the development of a new wave of virtual healthcare services that provided through electronic media can give patients around the globe access to specialized medical support. Guillermo has broad Television management skills including programming, acquisitions, scheduling, marketing, technical operations and revenue generation from affiliates, advertisers and viewers. Guillermo has professional relationships with content suppliers, producers and television networks worldwide. He has also produced over 1000 hours of content in multiple genres including factual, current affairs, news, entertainment, lifestyle, children, music and reality.